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iSecurity is an app that detects any security issues on your device and files that should not be there.
iSecurity will give you more advanced information about your device for example the device model and kernel version. There are also detections for vulnerabilities on devices still on older firmwares,
this will protect users who are using outdated devices and no longer get iOS updates, for example the iPhone 4s. Future updates will add detections for new security issues that are discovered. Screenshots pic 1,2,3 NOTE: This app must be signed with Impactor by saurik, download here. license Im not great at this.... but yeah dont include this in any of your projects without my permision and do not modify it or claim it to be your own.... i dont know what else im meant to write here. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM ANY SOURCE THAT ISNT A TRUSTED ONE, CHECK THE SHA OF THE DOWNLOAD TO ENSURE IT IS THE OFFICIAL VERSION. Release History: -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1.0 - New Features Download link - iSecurity_1.1.0.ipa Build - 563 File Size - 1.3mb SHA1 - 30d4ee7d58293dbf0a29ee96d7ff2dd54e240f32 Release Notes: - New Color scheme - Restructured Secuirty page - Security Enforcements (alpha - filesystem r/w only) - Unauthorised launchdaemons section -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.0 - Initial Release Download link - iSecurity_1.0.ipa Build - 415 File Size - 1.1mb SHA1 - 5de68944c991403102218dc1f5b462b217175955 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Trust Sources FCE365 - Download
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