It’s been a rough few months for me personally, as a few of you will know. I’ve found it difficult to work on all my projects and give them the attention they need, which is a shame. One particular project that has seen issues is ipswCentral. The aim of this post is to outline my plans with ipswCentral, and what I plan to do next.

I’ve had many issues with the project recently. The backend which provides the website with the data required - Eddie - does not function properly as a result of changes on Apple’s side, and abandoned efforts at re-writing and fixing it due to other priorities. This is paired with the fact that the @EddieIPSW account which Tweet’s Apple firmware updates was suspended for an unknown reason, and I no longer have access to the email tied to the account.

Therefore, I have sadly come the conclusion it’s time to end ipswcentral. I’ll outline what I plan to do with everything here.

  • With regard to Twitter, the @EddieIPSW account is gone, I can’t access it anymore. The @ipswcentral account will be re-branded and I’ll discuss that later on.
  • The website will be archived, and the code will be preserved. This is for my own reference, for any future revival, or if I decide to transfer ownership to another party.
  • I’ll retain the domain
  • The website and API will all cease to function after a given date.


So I need a timeline for these changes.

  • Eddie has already stopped functioning, so will no longer have any updates.
  • The website and API at will cease to function as of October 26, 2020.
  • The @ipswcentral Twitter account will be rebranded around the same time.

If anyone has any interest in acquiring ipswcentral, let me know.

Is This On?

Is This On?, or iTOUK, is an organisation I formed. It hasn’t had any real use up until now, but I feel it’s now time to actually utilise it.

I’ll be using it as a more professional brand to release work under. Essentially whenever I’m asked to input a business name, this will be it. I’m considering whether to keep this blog has, or as, but I’ll decide that in due course.

My primary sources of contact will remain as so:

If you’ve taken the time to read this, I thank you for your support. It’s been a shit year to be fair, and I appreciate this is the same for other too. It’s tough to say goodbye to my first major project that did a lot for me, but it’s time to move on to other things.