Hey! Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Harry Moulton and I’m an 18 year old from the United Kingdom.

Currently I am studying for a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire. I have an active and significant interest in Computer Security, more specifcally the security of Apple devices. JavaScript Engine security also interests me but I have not spent any meaningful time researching it.

I’ve been interested in Computers for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been intrigued as to how things work. Over the past few years I have worked on multiple, but small, projects - each allowing me to broaden my skillset.

My most successful project has been ipswCentral. It’s aimed at being a central place for iOS Firmware downloads, signing status, OTA downloads and firmware keys.

I setup my Web infrastructure using Docker and Kubernetes. With Kubernetes running ipswCentral and a few private web applications, but with quick deployment. I’ve written a number of projects in PHP so I have some experience with backend web development.

I also have written a few iOS apps. iSecurity was an app that could detect whether a device was Jailbroken, and also detect what type/method of Jailbreak was used. Other features included Launch Daemon detections and Kernel Version. Another app I wrote was FalconTracker which aimed at providing an archive of SpaceX Missions, and a timeline of upcoming ones.

Recently I’ve been investing more of my time into lower-level stuff, rather than Web development. I wrote Img4helper which aims to make handling Apple Image4 files more streamlined, so it allows for Image4 info dumping, decryption and decompression all in one go. Img4helper also allows for SEPOS splitting.

Another tool I’m working on is HTool. This is an improvement of Apple’s otool and included options for analysis of iOS Kernelcaches, iBoot/SecureROM, SEP and extracting Kernel Extensions for Kernelcaches.

A primary feature of HTool is Mash, or Mach-O Shell. This allows for quick on-the-fly analysis and disassmebly of Mach-O files using my own disassembler library.

Most of my work is opensource, so you can find that on my Github. Descriptions and compiled versions of my tools are available on my site under Downloads.


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