Hi there, thank you for visiting my site! My name is Harry Moulton and I’m (as of 01/2021) a 19 year old from the United Kingdom. I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire. My area of interest tends to lie with computer security, particularly Apple’s operating systems and platforms. Javascript engine security is also something that I find interesting, but have not made much of an effort to look into that field as of yet.

I’ve had an interest in computers for as long as I can remember, always being interested in how things work at lower levels. Since 2019 I’ve greatly expanded my knowledge working on much lower-level stuff than I was before. There are a number of projects I’ve worked on by myself, however I’d like to explore opensource community projects more.

My stuff

My first big project was ipswCentral. This was a website, similar to ipsw.me, that tracked all available iOS firmware IPSW files, along with other bits like device info. The website shut down in late 2020 due to refocus in other areas, and that the site was no longer paying for itself. Building the site taught me a lot about PHP and server infrastructure like Docker and Kubernetes.

I have built a couple of iOS apps in the past. An app called iSecurity which could detect if a dvice was Jailbroken, what method was used, which daemons were loaded and the kernel version - this was my first iOS app. My next app was called FalconTracker and provded an archive of all past, current and upcoming missions by SpaceX.

My current work

Currently I am building a toolset for working with iOS firmware files. The toolset is made up of a library called libhelper which provides a range of common functionality across all the tools like Image4 and Mach-O parsing (Mach-O handling is independent of macOS, doens’t use loader.h), Img4Helper for dealing with Apple’s .img4, .im4m, .im4p etc files, and HTool, an improvement on otool and similar to jtool, with some firmware analysis features built in.

I also periodically work on a series called Inside XNU, focused on walking through the iBoot->XNU->Userland process in-depth. I’m basically writing as I learn, so it’s ideal for those who also are interested in how the XNU kernel works.

Most of my work is opensource, apart from HTool. You can find all my opensource projects on my github page.


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