This page contains downloads for all my released projects. I will list this page with the most recent versions of each one, along with download links and Github links (if applicable).

HTool Beta

HTool is a simple analysis tool originally based on otool, which is shipped with Xcode Developer Tools, and inspired by jtool created by Jonathan Levin. In the long term, I plan for HTool to have a wide range of functionality from analysing Mach-O files, Kernel’s, iBoot and SecureROM, quick disassembly of binaries, working with DYLD Shared Cache’s etc.

Visit the HTool page


Libhelper is a cross-platform, multi-architecture library for assisting with Mach-O, Image4’s, different compression formats used by Apple, etc. It does not have any dependencies so therefore can be easily used anywhere. There is detailed documentation on how to use Libhelper, along with annotated examples.

Visit the Libhelper page.


Img4Helper is a small tool built for handling Apple’s Image4 format used for the boot files in iOS/iPadOS and other operating systems built by Apple. It’s purpose is to make analysis, decryption, decompression and extracting these files easier. Img4Helper (and Libhelper) are open-source, so please check it out of Github where I have a more in-depth discussion of the tool.

Special thanks to @Tihmstar and @xerub. Although they did not personally help me with this project, by open-sourcing both img4tool and sepsplit they made this possible.

Visit the Img4helper page.

Mach-O Helper Toolset

The Mach-O Helper Toolset is a collection of a few tools originally built for testing libhelper, but have been repurposed into useful utilities for working with Mach-O files. They are opensource on GitHub.

Visit the Mach-O Helper Toolset page.