Img4Helper is a small tool built for handling Apple’s Image4 format used for the boot files in iOS/iPadOS and other operating systems built by Apple. It’s purpose is to make analysis, decryption, decompression and extracting these files easier. Img4Helper (and Libhelper) are open-source, so please check it out of Github where I have a more in-depth discussion of the tool.

Special thanks to @tihmstar and @xerub. Although they did not personally help me with this project, by open-sourcing both img4tool and sepsplit they made this possible.


This is the first non-Beta Release of Img4helper. Thank you for using Img4helper, please Tweet me @h3adsh0tzz with what you think and/or if you have any issues. You can checkout the usage documentation on Img4helper’s Github.


Platform Version Link
macOS v1.0.0 Release Download Latest

NOTE: Img4Helper currently only works on macOS, Linux and iOS support will be added eventually. No prerequisites are required.

Experimental Downloads

Platform Version Link
macOS 1.1.0 Download

Experimental Builds of Img4helper are available for macOS on both Intel x86_64 and Apple Silicon AArch64 architectures. There should not be any compatibility issues between them, but please report any issue you encounter - whether they may be architecture related or not.

As always, Img4helper is available on Github fully open-sourced, and you are welcome to contribute, Here are a few features I still plan to add at some point:

  • Create an .img4 from a combination of .im4p, .im4m or .im4r.
  • Improving the way Img4helper decrypts files, e.g. adding an option to specify KEY and IV seperately.

Historical Downloads

I still keep older releases of Img4helper on my server for troubleshooting purposes, or for any other reasons one may require an older version. Changelogs are contained within the downloadable .zip.

Platform Version Link
macOS v1.0.0 Beta3 Download
macOS v1.0.0 Beta2 Download
macOS v1.0.0 Beta1 Download