The future of ipswCentral

It’s been a rough few months for me personally, as a few of you will know. I’ve found it difficult to work on all my projects and give them the attention they need, which is a shame. One particular project that has seen issues is ipswCentral. The aim of this post is to outline my plans with ipswCentral, and what I plan to do next.

Introduction to Inside XNU.

Welcome to Inside XNU! A blog-series in which I hope analyse and discuss the boot process and functionality of the XNU Kernel. I have recently taken up OS development as a hobby and learning exercise with nullpixel. We have found that reading through the source code of other kernels - Linux, XNU, etc - is very valuable despite them being far more advanced than what we’re aiming for.

Handling Kernel Extensions in HTool

As part of HTool I wanted to add in-depth analysis of iOS Kernel Caches - especially Kernel Extensions. The iOS version of XNU differs from that of macOS as the kernel is instead shipped as a cache file, rather than a simple executable binary. The kernelcache differs from the standalone kernel as instead of shipping seperate .kext Mach-O files in a seperate directory, which the Kernel then searches for and load’s, iOS kernelcache’s have all the extensions bundled into the same Mach-O file. This is similar to how all libraries are merged into the dyld_shared_cache.

HTool Beta 1 & Libhelper Release.

I don’t intend for this to be a long post, just a quick announcement. HTool has been released! Beta 1 is available for download here with detailed usage information and download links for both macOS and iOS. Linux support is planned, but not for the next few beta’s.

Mach-O Helper Toolset.

As some of you may have already been aware, for the past few weeks I have been working on Libhelper. This is a small library aimed at assisting the handling and parsing of Mach-O files, Image4 files and other things related to iOS Security analysis.

Mach-O File Format: Introduction

I’ve recently been working a lot with parsing Mach-O files, so I’m begining to understand in a fair bit of detail how they are structured and how they work. I’ve been developing a library, called libhelper, which can parse Mach-O files. Libhelper-macho also powers Img4helper, and HTool.