This page contains all of my past and present projects, including user guides, documentation, tutorials, and download links.

Very Bad C Compiler (vbcc)



tinyOS is a hobby operating system for ARM64 platforms. It consists of a two-stage boot loader called tinyBoot (tinyROM as Stage 1, tBoot as Stage 2), and an unnamed kernel. You can find the repositories for this project on my Github.


HTool was a command-line reverse engineering and static analysis tool for iOS/macOS firmware files. This project was the centre of my BSc final project, for which I was awarded a 1st with honours. This project is archived on my Github.


Libarch is an AArch64 disassembly library. It was developed as part of the HTool project, providing a backend for the reverse engineering functionality. While I'm not currently working on Libarch, it's available on my Github and I'm happy to take PRs.


Libhelper was a long-term project I worked on for handling various file formats found on iOS/macOS, primarily Mach-O and Image4. Libhelper was used in both HTool and Img4helper. This project is archived on my Github.